Hey Ya,

I felt perhaps it was about time I started actually using this blog that I created just under a month ago. In truth, I only made it so I’d have a profile with my details on that can then appear on other sites I write for, but then I thought, why not put it to good use? I’d be surprised if everything that I post on here isn’t film related. But because I review films I see on Squabblebox.co.uk (shameless plug), I thought I’d use this blog to talk about films that I’m looking forward to seeing in the future. So to kick things off I’ve chosen to discuss Room 237.

The documentary is a full-length debut from writer, cinematography, producer, editor, visual effects artist turned director Rodney Ascher, and delves into theories of hidden meanings behind the 1980 horror epic The Shining. I spotted it hidden in the buzz from this year’s Sundance. I say hidden because despite some glowing reviews, it failed to take the festival by storm. Those singing its praises have argued that this is due to its rather ambiguous and bland title, with only fan-boys likely to recognise its relevance to Kubrick’s classic.


237 is of course the room at the snowbound Overlook hotel that strikes fear into Scatman Crothers’ heart (though he’d never admit it). It is even more infamously the room in which a beautiful naked lady rises from the bathtub and seduces Jack Nicholson, only to horrifically transform into a rotting corpse mid-kiss. The old woman’s manic laughter as she staggers towards the camera being the cause of many a childhood nightmare for myself.

Aside from a rather fetching poster, there is not much else to let film fans know the documentary exists. With no trailer and only a makeshift website on WordPress, publicity material for the film is minimal. Still, put the words ‘The Shining’ and ‘documentary’ in the same sentence and I’m already there, and I have a feeling I’m not alone on that.

The Shining is obviously open to numerous interpretations, and I have to say that despite it being one of my favourite films, I’ve never quite made up my mind regarding its meaning. Is Jack a ghost? has he “always been the caretaker” at the Overlook, as Delbert Grady would have us believe? And what was all that about a body falling out of the elevator? Perhaps the reason I’m so eagerly checking for DVD release dates of Room 237 is because I want answers, although I know definitive ones are impossible. But then again, deep down would I really want to know for sure? Not really. Anyway, those release dates are as yet unannounced, but for the most up-to-date information i suggest visiting the film’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Room-237-the-movie/182406535103569


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