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A very very quick update regarding recent news relating to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The film hit the headlines this week following the announcement that Stephen King will write a sequel to his 1977 novel entitled Doctor Sleep. It is to be released one year from today (24th September 2013) and will pick up Danny Torrence’s story as he enters his mid-forties. Working in a New York nursing home, Danny must protect children who share his psychic abilities from a malevolent group known as “The True Knot”.

Reaction to the news has been mixed, with some fans predictably angered by King’s decision to revisit his much much-loved masterpiece. To soften the blow, brand new details of Shining-related projects, to be released in the coming months, have been announced. Beginning with the news that Room 237, a documentary I have discussed at great length on this blog, now has a UK cinema release date of 26th October. The release of the film will coincide with a UK nationwide showing of The Shining, beginning on 2nd November (full details of which can be found below); meaning that on the aformentioned date I will no doubt be sat in Birmingham’s fantastic Electric cinema, enjoying Kubrick’s classic on the big screen!

The Shining’s UK tour dates and venues:


The film shown on these dates will not be The Shining’s 113 minute European cut, but the U.S version of the film that includes several additional scenes that extend its running time to 144 minutes. BFI’s Head of Content Jane Giles had this to say: “When we realised the U.S. version of The Shining hadn’t been released in the U.K., we thought it would be a very interesting thing to do”. On the her own first viewing of the film, Giles said “It was the first time I’d seen a film like this. I thought it was amazingly sophisticated and intellectual. It presented something really quite mysterious”. I share her sentiments and really can’t wait for this belated Halloween treat! My only hope is that The Shining is showing at a cinema near you, so that you can join me in celebrating one of the greatest films ever made.

P.S. I recently discovered this video which expands upon theories presented in the documentary Room 237 regarding the Space Race. The analysis claims that The Shining is Kubrick’s coded confession to us, that he himself was hired to fake 1969 moon landing. Quite an interesting watch:



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